Algorithmic Trading


Automatic trading programs always used to be available to only a few top hedge funds in the world.

Today modern technology has made possible things we couldn’t even imagine just a few years ago.

Today we can apply this possibilities to our investment portfolios, to enhance risk -adjusted performances.


Algorithmic Trading


Combining algorithmic trading with our proprietary strategies we can increase trading efficiency and lower transaction costs, resulting in higher portfolio performances at a lower volatility.

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Algorithmic Trading


We focus high frequency, short term strategies on monetary markets. Our expert advisors are desingned to operate on selected currency pairs, assessing a well defined set of statistical indicators. Rigorous preemptive and reactive risk- management techniques are applyied to minimize volatility and to protect the principal under any market conditions.

Algo-trading is operated excluseively via an Ic-Markets trading account. Ic-Markets is a top tier Australia- based brokerage firm, fully authorized and regulated by ASIC (Austrialian regulatory entity) CySec (Cyprus Regulatory entity) and ESMA (eu Regulatory entity)

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